Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's been a while- like Staind

Soooo. As the above title states its been a while since I've done much with social media in a nutshell. So as a result for this post I'm basically going to summarise the last week or do then I'm going to try a new thing I was introduced to while on my BSA 50 miler. School starts this Friday, yes it snuck up on me too, Dad is deploying at the end of August, I did my first four hours of sailing ever at Camp Black Creek, might join the sailing club instead of cross country this year, will be a senior this year (class of 2013 represent), may not be able to get the three credits of AJROTC I want and almost need, taking the ACT in September, figured out I have a really low GPA (I was an idiot as a freshman/sophomore), let a girl go, set my weight bench up finally so I can impress all the cute girlies on the block and on the boats (and perform well on the APFT when I go to basic, but that's an unimportant side note (JK)),mom says that she honestly intends on adding a second motorcycle to the stable, got a lead to get a job on post ( sooooo happy XD) and I think that's about it. Okay. Onto the hike activity. I'm going to try to post at least this little informative bit on my blog everyday. Yep, that's right, EVERY day. It's called roses, buds and thorns. The roses are the most enjoyable part of my day, the thorn is the worst part, and the bud is something I look forward to in the near future.
Rose: Being able to go in and talk to my wonderful counsellor at school and get everything squared away for me to graduate
Thorn: Finding out that in order for me to graduate, I can't have JROTC my second semester unless I can find $300 (donations welcome, heres my email if you want to braden.mathews@hotmail.com contact me ;) ) to take another half credit and get that class I've already taken out of the way so that I can have three credits of JROTC and that extra rank straight out of BCT
Rose: I'm really looking forward to starting my last year of high school, because that means I only have a year to go before I go toBasic Training and AIT then a mission trip then college then hopefully getting rich and owning lots of nice vintage cars and motorcycles