Friday, August 3, 2012

First Taste of School 2012-2013

Well. Today was honestly pretty good, except for the bus. Legally they have to get us another bus because in the way home today there were three kids to a seat in literally every seat of a huge ole' bus and we still had to leave four or five kids at the school for safety reasons and physics reasons resulting. JROTC was great, I am vicariously in the class above what I'm supposed to be, alpha company, third platoon, second squad. Math 3 is dull but the teacher is really entertaining to listen to, even if you can't understand half if what she says because of her southern drawl. World history is amazing, easy a. Easy class to begin with and I've taken it already. Teacher is amazing, I wore my Norton motorcycle shirt to school today and we got on a conversation about that, he's a really big go getter, and super intelligent. Loves his job too, my sister hates him says he's too crazy. My british literature teacher is amazing too. Also a professor a Armstrong Atlantic knows what she's doing sticks to the rules but doesn't act like she has a stick up her *ahem. Yep. Basically it for today.
Rose: getting moved up a class in JROTC
Thorn:1) bus ride or 2) lunch time
Bud: Beowulf. Nuff' said. I love British literature.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Boredy Boredy Bored

Okay sooooo I'm already failing at the whole every day thing. Yeah. Yesterday was pretty good though considering I was bored out of my mind basically the whole day. Got registered in the CYSS system and got what's called a Hired! Packet and basically it's a job application, but for an apprenticeship. Which sucks, because it's sounding like its just that, an apprenticeship instead of an actual job that you basically volunteer to work somewhere for free and then once your month or so is up you get a bonus they called it of about $500. I wouldn't call it a bonus though, bonus implies that it is tacked onto pay that you've already been receiving. If that's the case it might end up not being worth it because between gas and car payments to help get my family out from under the car debt which they were going to do by selling it, but if I got a job/apprenticeship whatever I'd have to have a car so id have to help pay the payments and it's thirty miles away. Driving a Suburban that's three gallons of gas at $3.25 plus or minus ten cents so about ten dollars one way but twenty for both ways five times a week is roughly $100 a week for four weeks is $400 and then the rest would have to go towards the payments for the thing. So I wouldn't get any in pocket money for things like online classes or saving money for mission/college. I also went to a farewell party yesterday for a friend of mine ZJ Smiley who is going off to do college or a mission or some such activity. Party was pretty good, I just kinda chilled and talked to people while two kids played video games the whole night.
Rose: wrote another song yesterday!
Thorn: ZJ leaving Savannah
Bud: Still have to say school starting tomorrow and seeing friends and certain people that I had a really good dream about last night

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's been a while- like Staind

Soooo. As the above title states its been a while since I've done much with social media in a nutshell. So as a result for this post I'm basically going to summarise the last week or do then I'm going to try a new thing I was introduced to while on my BSA 50 miler. School starts this Friday, yes it snuck up on me too, Dad is deploying at the end of August, I did my first four hours of sailing ever at Camp Black Creek, might join the sailing club instead of cross country this year, will be a senior this year (class of 2013 represent), may not be able to get the three credits of AJROTC I want and almost need, taking the ACT in September, figured out I have a really low GPA (I was an idiot as a freshman/sophomore), let a girl go, set my weight bench up finally so I can impress all the cute girlies on the block and on the boats (and perform well on the APFT when I go to basic, but that's an unimportant side note (JK)),mom says that she honestly intends on adding a second motorcycle to the stable, got a lead to get a job on post ( sooooo happy XD) and I think that's about it. Okay. Onto the hike activity. I'm going to try to post at least this little informative bit on my blog everyday. Yep, that's right, EVERY day. It's called roses, buds and thorns. The roses are the most enjoyable part of my day, the thorn is the worst part, and the bud is something I look forward to in the near future.
Rose: Being able to go in and talk to my wonderful counsellor at school and get everything squared away for me to graduate
Thorn: Finding out that in order for me to graduate, I can't have JROTC my second semester unless I can find $300 (donations welcome, heres my email if you want to contact me ;) ) to take another half credit and get that class I've already taken out of the way so that I can have three credits of JROTC and that extra rank straight out of BCT
Rose: I'm really looking forward to starting my last year of high school, because that means I only have a year to go before I go toBasic Training and AIT then a mission trip then college then hopefully getting rich and owning lots of nice vintage cars and motorcycles

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So I had a really crazy dream last night. Well two actually. The first one is that I was in Custer's cavalry troop at his last stand, but I got put in charge of doing basically everything because all the rest of the people just couldn't do it right. The second one however, was... Awesome, in the both senses of the word. It was literally about the great and dreadful day of the Lord's second coming. I was in a room that looked like something out of my 'dream house' pinterest board with a full wall of glass that me, my little sister and Merissa were sitting in on a white suede sofa that overlooked the plains of Wiltshire, England. So we were sitting there talking, and looking out over the grasslands at dusk, when suddenly the already brilliant sunset turned a deep red and truly stunning beyond words. The clouds formed into either giant human shapes or either the angels as I'm assuming they are appeared really close, but either way the perspective made them look life sized. Think of the Sistine Chapel for a visual reference of how distance/size can work like that. But anyhow two angels appeared, one on either side of a doorway that the one on my right opened up. Upon doing so there was a massive roaring like I was riding in a an Audi R8 Spyder at 120 some-odd miles per hour. Another angel stepped out of the doorway and walked/floated over too us and said 'Be ready for the day of the Lord is coming.' then all three angels walked back through the doorway and when the door closed night fell. Honestly, you can see if you are a good Christian who is seeking to be the best person that you can be and to live in the highest glory with God, Christ and the Holy Ghost you can see how this would be both great for some and terrible for others. But there is more to the dream. As we sat there in awe, maybe even shock about what had just happened, I remember thinking that I still have problems that need to have been worked out before the lord but had not happenned yet but I had this overwhelming feeling that it is never too late too repent, as long as you don't procrastinate and say I'll sin today and repent tomorrow and you have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I can honestly say that this is very possibly my very first personal revelation.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekday Number one

It's the first weekday since I've been released from school, hence the title. I still however have the unrelenting feeling that I should be sitting at a desk slaving away at class work that is too easy to be worth anything other than too keep my grades up. That's why I sucked at school until this year. The class work was too easy and I didn't see any point in proving I could do it by doing it because I know I could do it and the only one I ever need to prove anything to is myself. Dad was sent off to training for the army for a week and I still don't have a job. We are all out of money, and have to take swimsuits etc. in to return them so we have grocery money. May be going to the beach on Thursday with some friends, one of which my sister is convinced that I want to be my girlfriend, even though I couldn't really consider her a friend until shortly and didn't even put her last name in my phone until yesterday. Besides I don't have the time for a girlie friend right now due to job searches etc. I am really starting to really wish I would have been allowed to go to basic this summer because that would mean I would have income! And job benefits for when I got back! And I was going to do it eventually but now im going to have to use next summer as my preparation summer instead of splitting it fifty fifty with this summer to give me more free time. Especially since right after I get home from AIT I am leaving the house and I kinda wanted a little bit more family time before I left than I will have.

Friday, May 18, 2012

End of 2011-2012 School Year

Last half day of school ended officially an hour ago (10:55) and I just got home, fairly decent day, even compared to a lot of other last days of school, of which I've officially had eleven of now. I am officially a senior. Now I need a job. Especially if I want to get my JROTC credits and my law internship next year, to go on a mission, buy that Soul Revolver leather jacket, pay for that motorcycle safety course, buy a Honda nighthawk, make a café racer out of it and pay for insurance etc. (in order of importance and overall relevance to my life) to actually ride it. That's about ($600+$8000+$400+$360+$2500+$500+$500) $12500 just for this summer. I'm not sure how realistic that is but that Is the way I want it to happen. Well, I guess I do have until basic next year, then it would all go into storage for two years until college.