Friday, May 18, 2012

End of 2011-2012 School Year

Last half day of school ended officially an hour ago (10:55) and I just got home, fairly decent day, even compared to a lot of other last days of school, of which I've officially had eleven of now. I am officially a senior. Now I need a job. Especially if I want to get my JROTC credits and my law internship next year, to go on a mission, buy that Soul Revolver leather jacket, pay for that motorcycle safety course, buy a Honda nighthawk, make a café racer out of it and pay for insurance etc. (in order of importance and overall relevance to my life) to actually ride it. That's about ($600+$8000+$400+$360+$2500+$500+$500) $12500 just for this summer. I'm not sure how realistic that is but that Is the way I want it to happen. Well, I guess I do have until basic next year, then it would all go into storage for two years until college.

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