Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekday Number one

It's the first weekday since I've been released from school, hence the title. I still however have the unrelenting feeling that I should be sitting at a desk slaving away at class work that is too easy to be worth anything other than too keep my grades up. That's why I sucked at school until this year. The class work was too easy and I didn't see any point in proving I could do it by doing it because I know I could do it and the only one I ever need to prove anything to is myself. Dad was sent off to training for the army for a week and I still don't have a job. We are all out of money, and have to take swimsuits etc. in to return them so we have grocery money. May be going to the beach on Thursday with some friends, one of which my sister is convinced that I want to be my girlfriend, even though I couldn't really consider her a friend until shortly and didn't even put her last name in my phone until yesterday. Besides I don't have the time for a girlie friend right now due to job searches etc. I am really starting to really wish I would have been allowed to go to basic this summer because that would mean I would have income! And job benefits for when I got back! And I was going to do it eventually but now im going to have to use next summer as my preparation summer instead of splitting it fifty fifty with this summer to give me more free time. Especially since right after I get home from AIT I am leaving the house and I kinda wanted a little bit more family time before I left than I will have.

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