Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post Numero Uno

Well... So, we had a talk today and yesterday in seminary about experiencing the spirit of Elijah found in Malachi 4:5-6 and how not only do we need to turn our hearts to our fathers through geneology (spelling?) but how we also need to make sure that we are documenting our lives through a journal or a blog in order to make it easier for our family to stay connected with us after we fly the nest after highschool and beyond (Congrats classes of 2012 everywhere bee tee dubs), and being as I couldn't and can't remember the password etc. to my other blog, I made a new one. Besides, its apparently a good way to get famous. See also Pioneer Woman. Anywho, I've moved three times I think since I did my last post. Oops, make that two, I lived in Kuna when I made it, then moved to Columbus, and am currently living in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Yeah. Three moves in my highschool career. Great stuff. oh well, great people are everywhere, so is an LDS church. I also live on deep water access to the Atlantic Ocean, sooooo... yeah. I was going to go to Basic Combat Training this summer, but I'm only seventeen so ergh wrong, vetoed by my parents. Which offset my life plans by at least one summer, Grr. I also really truly plan on buying a Honda Nighthawk and chopping it up a bit into a café racer, but I wouldn't be able to ride it because, surprise surprise, my parents won't let me get my motorcycle endorsement. Oh well, I see where they are coming from on both points, and they are my parents so...

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