Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 May 2011

So today was SLIGHTLY interesting. Last day of school for seniors here, only really one day (2 1/2 days) for everyone else. Started off pretty good, woke up tired as all gets loose, went to seminary, all in all a normal morning of abnormalities until about 7:15-ish then abnormally my morning of abnormalities got even more abnormal. I've been driving my moms Suburban to school since probably a week ago, but being as I only had a week left of school (2 more days now, whoop whoop) I didn't bother to get a parking pass (turns out that they had been sold out since Christmas anyways, but merry Christmas random souls who managed to get one) and had been parking in a visitor space. I got out of the car this morning and the one front desk reception lady stopped me as I was getting out a piece of chocolate for my friend that rode with me from seminary and asked me if I was a student, and I respectfully answered yes I am. She then asked me if I had a parking pass and I said that I didn't. She then proceeded to tell me that she has been personally tracking my car for the last month and a half or so that I have been parking there and that I was not allowed to drive to school under any circumstances without the little piece of plastic hanging from my rear view mirror. So my name got moved to the end of the list to get a parking pass next year. When I started to drive a week ago I understood this and knew the risks but didn't think too much of it because not only had I been driving for a week, I also didn't drive over the weekend, and I didn't drive every day during that week. Oh well she was totally within her rights to do o what she did, but now I'm left parking at a friends house and walking to school if I want to drive (or ride a motorcycle ;) ). Then I got into government and their was a girl feeling a little down on her luck because the senior prank for today set her exam back thirty minutes until someone fessed up and cleaned up the mess and she didn't get to finish it. So I offered her some chocolate. When I asked her what kind she wanted, she asked me what kind I had ( Hershey's special dark, Hershey's milk chocolate with caramel, Hershey's cookies and cream, almond toffee symphony, and mr. Goodbar). She replied that she had never had any of those. Yeah. So uncultured. I was like OMG Elizabeth you have to try some and proceeded to give her a square of cookies and cream. I felt very nice. Actually I do that kind of thing on a regular basis but you know, it really helped with my bad mood. I also had an exam in government (super easy 100 questions) that I'm pretty sure I got a 100% on. A final is too easy if I can get a 100 on it. Played heads up seven up in math then watched x-men first class in Spanish. Yeah great until you realize that even though it's fun now you still have finals. Whoo hoo.

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