Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Boredy Boredy Bored

Okay sooooo I'm already failing at the whole every day thing. Yeah. Yesterday was pretty good though considering I was bored out of my mind basically the whole day. Got registered in the CYSS system and got what's called a Hired! Packet and basically it's a job application, but for an apprenticeship. Which sucks, because it's sounding like its just that, an apprenticeship instead of an actual job that you basically volunteer to work somewhere for free and then once your month or so is up you get a bonus they called it of about $500. I wouldn't call it a bonus though, bonus implies that it is tacked onto pay that you've already been receiving. If that's the case it might end up not being worth it because between gas and car payments to help get my family out from under the car debt which they were going to do by selling it, but if I got a job/apprenticeship whatever I'd have to have a car so id have to help pay the payments and it's thirty miles away. Driving a Suburban that's three gallons of gas at $3.25 plus or minus ten cents so about ten dollars one way but twenty for both ways five times a week is roughly $100 a week for four weeks is $400 and then the rest would have to go towards the payments for the thing. So I wouldn't get any in pocket money for things like online classes or saving money for mission/college. I also went to a farewell party yesterday for a friend of mine ZJ Smiley who is going off to do college or a mission or some such activity. Party was pretty good, I just kinda chilled and talked to people while two kids played video games the whole night.
Rose: wrote another song yesterday!
Thorn: ZJ leaving Savannah
Bud: Still have to say school starting tomorrow and seeing friends and certain people that I had a really good dream about last night

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